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"You and Scott did a great job on the frame and the raising. I am still in awe at how it was up in five hours... . You were a pleasure to work with, and are both true professionals and real craftsmen. Thanks again for putting your heart and soul into the frame."
Gary Lavorgna, Vermont


How does a timber framed building enclosed in stress-skin panels compare in cost to a conventionally built building?

The answer to this question is multi-layered. The number of decisions affecting the cost of any project is huge. If we can compare only an enclosed weather-tight insulated shell, with the mechanical, electrical and partitioning and finishing work still to be done, The cost may be a bit higher for the timber framed structure. Increases in efficiency in the building process, and higher energy efficiencies overall, more than make up any difference in the original cost.

What enclosure options are available?
It depends, of course, on the building's intended use. Currently, the majority of timber frames whose spaces are to be climate-controlled are enclosed with stresskin panels, or SIP's. These panel-type systems are easily and quickly applied, can provide significant structural uses, and yield an enclosure unequaled in its efficiency.

What stylistic/genre limitations are there for timber work?
None. The limits to timber work are the spans required, the timber available, the practicality of the design, the client's budget, and time.
"In the construction of my own residence, Berry Hill Timber Frames met all my expectations of quality work, timely scheduling, and fair pricing. Having been in the business as a timber framer and more recently as a general contractor of high-end homes, I am very aware of the importance of ...these criteria. Best wishes... and be assured you will be the only timber framer I call for future work."
Kevin Doherty Kevin Doherty, Builder, Inc.


What is a typical per-square-foot cost for a timber frame?
There is no typical cost. The cost of a frame is determined by: its size; wood species, sizes, and amount; time required for cutting, joining and raising. Most frames, though, fit into the range of ten dollars to twenty-five dollars per square foot.

Are larger buildings less expensive than smaller?
Once again, there are many factors involved, but generally, the larger frames tend to have a relative lower cost per square foot. A ten foot joist requires the same number of cuts as a 14 foot joist, and accounting for the slight increase in finishing time and a little more handling time for length and weight, the square footage covered still costs less.

Does a timber framed building take longer to construct than a conventional structure?
Our experience has been that once the frame is up, enclosure, mechanical systems and finishing proceed quite quickly, and can often be completed in less time than in conventional construction. This relies, of course, on a well-developed plan, an organized job site and good coordination of subcontractors.

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