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  Berry Hill Timber Frames has been designing and building distinctive custom timber frames since 1989.

 We provide timber frame design and construction services to architects and builders, as well as complete architectural services for individuals and businesses interested in timber frame construction.

 While providing complete design services, and the cutting, joining, and raising of superior quality custom timber frames, Berry Hill Timber Frames is more than just a timber workshop; we are a group of highly skilled woodworkers and craftspeople, dedicated to continual improvement and learning, and to producing the highest quality work possible.

Berry Hill Timber Frames We at Berry Hill Timber Frames are familiar with the close teamwork necessary for successful projects, and will provide for you a conscientious process and products of timeless elegance and superior quality. Berry Hill Timber Frames

Berry Hill Timber FramesIf your project is a home or barn, a reproduction of a specific antique structure, a church or Japanese tea house, bridge, and surrounding gardens, BHTF would be pleased to provide you with the very best timber work and specialty woodworking available.

The following is a more formal list of services:

  • Timber Frame design for existing plans/ designs.
  • Simultaneous development of Timber Frame plans for and with architects and designers who are developing designs.
  • Physical analysis of existing plans.
  • Bids on and construction of existing Timber Frame designs.
  • Staircase design and construction.
  • Bidding and Construction of existing staircase plans.
  • Reproduction of antique Timber Frames. BHTF has a substantial reference library of historic buildings; American, English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French. Or, we can survey and reproduce any existing building of your choice.
  • Enclosure systems design.
  • General contracting and Construction Management services in our local area.

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